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Open Enrollment Webinars and Courses

TTI hosts 101 and Beyond webinars for all audiences and professional development courses that are specialized by audience.

We understand that especially with current state of the world that finances are tight, and that there is not really a price that works well for most.  So, for our webinars, we use a Pay What You Can model and instead, ask folks to pay what they can – no questions asked.  We provide recommended ranges and minimums to help guide your decision.  Additionally, all of our courses are offered on a structured sliding scale, to help keep our offerings accessible while still paying our team fairly for their expertise and lived experience.

Click on the boxes below to see and register for our upcoming offerings!


New to trans content, or new to learning with TTI? We recommend starting here!


This series focuses on exploring intersecting identities from trans and non-binary perspectives.


Learn how you can provide more support to the transgender and non-binary people in your lives.


Our 'Trans 201' webinars and courses offer deeper dives into specific perspectives and topics.

We also offer content specialized by audience:


Please note, these offerings assume that participants have taken our 'FOUNDATIONS OF KNOWLEDGE & ACTION: TRANS 101' prior to attending these audience specific sessions. Sign up at our 101 link above!

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