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Our Job Openings

TTI is a young, growing trans-centered company who is trying to do things differently and push back against oppressive workplace culture. Interested in joining us? Learn more!

Our Committment to Community

Trans and non-binary people are central to the mission and practices of TTI and we are seeking applicants who have a demonstrated history of working to uplift and center transgender and non-binary people/communities. We are working to grow a company that intentionally represents the depth and breadth of community and encourage folks who do not see themselves currently represented on our team to apply.

TTI is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce grounded in justice work, intersectionality, shared learning, and organizational and individual growth.

Pay Equity

TTI intentionally operates in a way that strives to spread financial resources equitably across our team. Our salaried employees are all paid the same salary, based on a rate of $67,500 for a full time 120 per month position. For our facilitation work, we operate under a pay equity scale. This means that our trainers are all paid the same amount based on the length of the training, based on $250 per hour rate.  All remaining work is paid $30 per hour. We monitor pay equity across the year, and make adjustments to help ensure ongoing equity across the team.


As a young company, we are working towards offering traditional benefits such as health insurance or retirement. In the meantime, we do provide other benefits (available upon hire) including:

  • We believe intentional rest and non-work time are essential for our collective wellbeing and support each other in taking time off. TTI offers 30 days of Paid Time Off (PTO) per year. 15 of these days are when TTI closes for intentional rest in the first full week of July and the last 2 weeks of the year.) The remaining 15 days can be used as needed/desired.  This time will be pro-rated based on your start date.
  • TTI provides employees with an iPad for work and personal use, which is yours to keep after 1 year on the team.
  • A TTI Calendly account, which can also be used for your life outside of TTI.
  • A 1Password (a secure password locker) account to access shared passwords, which can also be used for your personal use.
  • A DeleteMe Gold account, to help minimize your personal information that is publicly searchable to help reduce your risk for doxxing, etc.
  • A You Need a Budget (YNAB) subscription (and tutoring on how to use it!) to support your financial well being.

Application Process

Knowing that many hiring practices are deeply rooted in systems of oppression, we strive to challenge those norms. We do not accept resumes or cover letters. Our application is a series of questions to help us get to know you, how you approach your work, and the skills and talents you would bring to our team. We outline our hiring timeline with our job descriptions. We will share our interview questions and ask about accommodations in advance. We believe in finding a mutually good match, and encourage you to interview us as well. Applicants who accept interviews with us will be paid for their time in this process.

Our Hiring Priorities

We actively encourage applicants from historically excluded communities particularly: trans, Two-Spirit, and non-binary people, Black, Indigenous, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and other people of color, people who are neurodivergent, disabled, who have not obtained a post-secondary degree, people over 50, and anyone who has experienced systemic oppression and/or gender-based violence to apply.

We know that systemic inequities in hiring practices have caused many historically excluded individuals to only apply to jobs if they meet 100% of the qualifications. Although of course all the qualifications we include in our descriptions are important to us, we encourage all who are interested in applying to do so, even if you just fit most, but not all, of the qualifications (folks rarely fit all).

Thanks for your interest!

We currently don’t have any openings for volunteer or paid positions. We anticipate that our next hire will be in mid-to-late 2023 for the part-time position of Marketing Coordinator and/or a part-time Operations Coordinator.  We appreciate your interest and we hope you will join our email list to be the first to know to when we are accepting applications for new team members. When we do have new positions open, we will post them here, so feel free to bookmark this page.

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Please note TTI has closed, effective June 30, 2023. Click here for more info.
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