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TTI’s Accessibility Options

What TTI offers with every training:

  • Each of our offerings have a Moderator for support around technical issues
  • Auto-generated captions and transcripts by zoom
  • We respect folks needing to have cameras off or limited camera time
  • We respect folk’s need for self-care, including moving around, eating, using fidget toys, taking notes, lying down, etc.
  • A majority of the time all participants are muted
  • We use noise suppression and minimize auditory overload to the best of our abilities

What participants can request from TTI:

When you register for a webinar or course with TTI on Eventbrite, you will automatically be sent a registration survey to complete. This survey includes a question asking if you have any accessibility requests, and provide space for you to let us know what you need. Please note that once the training is a week out we cannot guarantee the availability of those we partner with to provide the services below. We are working to expand the range of accessibility options we provide. If there is something you need but don’t see it listed, please feel free to reach out.

  • ASL Interpretation
  • Transcripts
  • Large Font Handouts
  • Recordings (with transcript & auto caption via the Zoom Interface) – 21 day access*

We are currently unable to provide:

  • Live Captioning (partnership in progress)
  • We do not currently provide ESL translation
  • We do not share presentation slides but we do provide handouts that  include the key points from our presentations
  • Due to Zoom limitations, we have found that most screen readers do not work in tandem with zoom screen share. (Advocate with Zoom here.)
  • Due to Zoom limitations, we have found that the auto-generated captions do not work in the breakout rooms. (Advocate with Zoom here.)

Looking for accessibility support that is not listed above?
Please contact our Registration Coordinator, and we will be happy to explore!

* Legal jazz: Recordings are the Intellectual Property of Transgender Training Institute and are provided for accessibility purposes only. Recordings may not be shared with others, distributed, altered, or reproduced. All rights reserved. Transparency note: We do not share recordings with participants for non-accessibility reasons because have had our work taken and used without our consent.

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Please note TTI has closed, effective June 30, 2023. Click here for more info.
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