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Investing in Community MicroGrants

The co-authors and publisher of The Teaching Transgender Toolkit set aside 10% of the proceeds to benefit trans communities, which has resulted in $15,000 which is being redistributed to community through microgrants.

Applications now open!

When the Teaching Transgender Toolkit was published in 2015, the co-authors (Eli Green & Luca Maurer) and their publisher (Planned Parenthood in Ithaca, NY) set aside 10% of the profits from the book to return to community in the form of microgrants. TTI is pleased to be distributing $15,000 on behalf of the co-authors and publisher. We anticipate issuing 5-6 microgrants to trans projects and organizations, in amounts ranging from $1-3,000.

The Details

This grant distribution seeks to specifically support trans and non-binary led efforts or projects.  

Awards range from $1,000 – $3,000.

This can be a brand new project or a project that you have already have in action that needs further support. We are particularly interested in funding projects that are not eligible for traditional funding streams.  You do NOT need to have non-profit status or work for a non-profit to apply.

All projects must be TRANS-LED, and we are prioritizing awarding projects led by/for BIPOC people and people who experience multiple marginalizations.

All applications must fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Generating Trans Joy
  • Uplifting Trans & Non-Binary People who Experience Intersecting Oppressions
  • Uplifting Trans & Non-Binary People in Rural Settings
  • Trans-Centered Sex Ed
  • Abortion Access for Trans & Non-Binary People


All projects must be trans-led, and we are prioritizing awarding projects led by/for BIPOC people and people who experience multiple marginalizations.


  • We recognize that there is a global need for funding to support transgender and non-binary people living their lives throughout the world. While we wish we were able to provide funding to all in need, at the present time these grant funds are only available to organizations or individuals based in the United States.


  • Please note that acceptance of grant funds may have tax implications for individuals or LLCs who apply outside of an IRS recognized organization (i.e. an S-Corp, C-Corp or non-profit).  Plain language: If awarded, these funds may count as personal income, and you may have to report this as personal income and pay taxes on it. Everyone’s situation is different and we cannot advise you about whether or not this will apply to you. Please check with your tax advisor for more information. You do NOT need to be an IRS recognized organization to apply.

Submit an Application

Our application is a short series of questions to help us learn more about the project being funded, people applying and how the money will be used.  For ease and accessibility, we include a link with a copy of the application questions so that you can draft them out in advance.


Applications open March 15, 2023.
Applications close April 21, 2023 at 11:59 HST.


Questions?  Email us at: [email protected]

The Teaching Transgender Toolkit

Co-authored by Dr. Eli R. Green (TTI founder) with Luca Maurer (Ithaca College) The Teaching Transgender Toolkit is an award winning collection of 30 lesson plans designed to support facilitators in implementing impactful Transgender 101+ Trainings.

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