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Thanks for your interest in joining the TTI Team! 

We are currently searching for a Zoom Moderator to join our team.
**The deadline to submit applications for this position closed 7/11/22.  We will be in touch with everyone who applies with updates as we have them, and appreciate your patience as we sort through applications.**

The Transgender Training Institute (TTI) is a small trans owned and run company that provides training and consulting services facilitated by our team of transgender and non-binary educators, with the goal of contributing to a more just, equitable and affirming world.  We facilitate virtual and in-person professional development and personal growth trainings across the United States, and we specialize in foundational level content for cisgender people.

TTI is seeking to hire a tech savvy individual to serve as a moderator to support our facilitators during our virtual training sessions. We are looking for individuals who are familiar with Google Apps such as GoogleSlides, GoogleDrive etc., and the backend of Zoom, who will be a friendly face and provide technical, learning and logistical support for our participants and facilitators during our trainings. 

This is a very part-time position, scheduled on a gig-by-gig basis, and will be a good match for people who have flexible schedules and are looking for consistent gig/freelance work in a trans-centered company. A majority of our live sessions occur between the weekday hours of 10 AM – 5 PM ET / 7 AM – 2 PM PT but we specifically are looking for moderators who can also be available during evenings and weekends (TTI works nationally but mainly runs on Eastern Time).  As TTI continues to grow, we anticipate the available work for this role will grow as well.

Hiring Timeline

June 6, 2022 – Job Applications Open
July 10, 2022 – Job Applications Close
July 18-August 4, 2022 – Interviews
August 8, 2022 – Final Decisions
August 15, 2022 – Onboarding

Applications will be reviewed starting on July 11, 2022 and considered on a rolling basis until the positions are filled. We are a small team and it will take us a while to wade through applications. We appreciate your patience with us, and we will follow up with everyone who applies!

How to Apply

To apply please complete an application.  There are no resume or cover letter requirements to apply for this position. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Job Description

The person in this position will be working closely with the Moderator Coordinator, members of the training team, leadership/admin team in advance of and during training sessions however, some work will be done independently. This person will have our full support during the onboarding process until ready to moderate solo. 


  • Connect with Trainers and Admin Team prior to, during and after trainings to provide support and information as needed.
  • Launch the Zoom at least 30 minutes prior to the training start time. 
  • Ensure all the settings on the backend of the Zoom meeting or webinar are correct.
  • Track attendance and CEs (Continuing Education Credits) as needed.
  • Provide security by monitoring participants for potential disruptions.
  • Provide technical support for participants who need help to fully participate (including  helping with general accessibility, accessing course materials, etc.)
  • Provide technical or logistical  support to the facilitator as needed. This may include but is not limited to: recording training sessions, sharing/advancing slides, creating breakout rooms, troubleshooting tech/wifi troubles.
  • Make materials such as handouts, resources, and links available to participants during and after training sessions.
  • Support facilitators in monitoring the chat and fielding questions from participants as needed.
  • Be aware of the overall engagement from participants and assist facilitators in providing support to those who may not be having a positive learning experience.
  • Report any notable happenings that occur during training sessions to leadership.
  • Participate in post-session debriefs and provide feedback to facilitators and team. 
  • Attend regularly scheduled team meetings.
  • Support the overall growth and success of TTI. 


  • Stable, reliable, high speed internet connection.
  • A well-functioning computer that can run Zoom software, GoogleSlides, YouTube and other technical functions smoothly and simultaneously. Due to limitations in the Zoom software, it will not be possible to use phones, ipads, tablets or chromebooks as the primary device during trainings (Moderators may find it useful to have 2 monitors, but this is not a requirement).
  • Access to a quiet/low interruption space to be during live sessions. 


  • This work is scheduled on a gig-by-gig basis. We are seeking a Moderator who has flexibility in their schedule and is comfortable with gig work. Moderators will be asked about 1 month in advance if they are available for certain times and dates. We try to offer more notice when possible however, especially as the company continues to grow, there are last minute bookings that will need coverage. We understand the nature of gig work and will work with our new team member to set boundaries around scheduling. 
  • A majority of our live sessions occur between the weekday hours of 10 AM – 5 PM ET / 7 AM – 2 PM PT, but increasingly we are booking sessions outside of this time frame to accommodate our clients. We especially are looking for a moderator who can also be available during evenings and weekends (TTI is national but mainly runs on Eastern Time).
  • The number of gigs per month will vary based on a number of factors (i.e Pride, holidays, TTI Closures). We anticipate being able to offer you 3- 4 gigs per month with opportunity for more work over time as we grow. Moderation gigs range from 90 mins to 6 hours, but a majority fall into the 2-2.5 hour range. While we cannot guarantee certain amounts of work, we do our best to offer our team members as much work as we are able/is desired. Most gigs will be split between the Moderator and the Moderator Coordinator. Occasionally Trainers and other members of the team will moderate if needed/desired. 


  • This position is paid as a contract position, at a rate of $30 per hour. (This means that taxes will  not be withheld, and that the person will receive a 1099 NEC at the end of the year.) Pay is issued monthly by direct deposit on the 3rd of the month (with the exception of weekends and bank holidays). 
Please note that this button will take you to a new page where you can download a PDF of the job description.
Applications for this position closed on 7/11/22.

We will contact everyone who applies for this role, and appreciate your patience. If you have questions about this position or need accessibility support, please reach out to [email protected]!

Thank you!

If this role isn’t the right fit but you are interested in becoming a part of the TTI team, please join our mailing list to be notified when we are opening up new searches!

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