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Consulting Services

TTI provides consulting services to help our clients realize their transgender and non-binary equity related goals. TTI’s team members combine their content matter expertise, formal training as educators, and in-depth knowledge of transgender and non-binary communities to help clients striving to be fully affirming of transgender and non-binary people. Our services include support with curriculum design and review, climate assessments, policy review, program evaluation, online courses, capacity building, and technical assistance.  Whether you are seeking help with implementing a wide scale training initiative, a climate assessment, input on policies or are looking for a customized interactive online course, our team members are content matter experts and community members who are here to help.

Climate Assessments


If you are looking to assess what your needs are around transgender inclusion and providing affirming services/spaces, TTI can conduct a needs assessments for your group, organization or school, to help you determine:

  • What type/scope of training may be most useful
  • Current levels of inclusivity and affirmation
  • Strategic plans and recommendations for becoming more trans-inclusive and affirming
  • How to change your curricula to be more trans-inclusive and affirming

If you are interested in having TTI conduct a Climate Assessment, please contact us to setup an initial meeting to discuss.  If TTI is not the right match, we will work to refer you to someone in our referral network who is better suited for your needs.

(We are currently updating our website — please check back on this section in a few days.)

Curriculum Design & Review


TTI can create customized training curricula based on the specific needs and wants of your organization.  We can design lessons and curricula for standalone online classes, standalone training sessions and longer-term courses. Our consultants are highly trained and experienced in curriculum design, best practices in education and training, and creating engaging, high impact lessons.

Review & Advising

Our consultants can provide an expert review of curricula that already established or in development to determine the degree and success of transgender inclusion.  Our reviews offer areas of strength, areas of growth and concrete steps for moving forward.  Depending on the project, we are also able to work directly on modifications to your curriculum to help ensure that it is inclusive and affirming of transgender people.


(We are currently updating our website — please check back on this section in a few days.)

Technical Assistance & Supervision

As trainers, we understand that when things get tricky or we get stuck, it can often be useful to discuss our work with others.  We provide sliding scale technical assistance for fellow trainers and educators who are facilitating transgender-related content (regardless of gender identity). We can also provide supportive and constructive feedback on recorded sessions. Assistance can be provided via email, skype/facetime, or phone.

Online/LMS Course Design

Are you looking to launch a transgender-specific training initiative, but are having a hard time with the logistics of getting everyone into one location at the same time?  An online course may be part of the answer to your needs!  While in-person trainings are often more effective, we understand that sometimes that is just not possible. Accordingly, we are able to design and host online courses that are customized to your needs and audience.  We can help your team increase their knowledge about and awareness of the needs of transgender and non-binary individuals in your setting.  Contact us for more information or to setup a short consultation meeting.

Here are some screenshots from our “Affirming Engagements with Transgender & Non-Binary Patients” series, designed for implementation in medium and large scale medical settings.  Interested in having us customize this or another similar training for your site?  Contact us.

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