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Our Trainings Are: 


Engaging &

Paced for Learning.

Tailored to Your Site.

We work with:

  • K-12 Schools
    (Independent, Public & Charter)
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Social Service Providers
  • Healthcare & Public Health
  • Mental Health Providers
  • Business & Corporations

We provide:

  • Live Virtual Trainings
  • Pre-Recorded Trainings
    with Live Q&A Sessions
  • In Person Trainings*

We also offer tailored versions of our webinars and courses for clients, including our onsite Ally/Advocate Training Camp, and Training-of-Trainers.

*All trainings held virtually until further notice.

Sample Trainings for Clients

Client:  Seeking Foundations Course for Staff Training (Community Housing for People Living with HIV)

Many transgender and non-binary folks, as well as their loved ones, face extensive and severe discrimination, and are particularly vulnerable when accessing community-based services. This training is designed to help client support staff ensure that they are providing respectful services that affirm their transgender and non-binary clients' experiences. During this three hour session, we will review critical language, barriers to accessing services, and strategies to help support and affirm transgender youth, families, and communities –all through the lens of lived experiences of transgender and non-binary individuals. Case managers will be better prepared to create an affirming and welcoming housing environment for their clients.

Client: Seeking Trans 101 + Skills training for K-12 professional community

Understanding the Identities and Experiences of Transgender & Non-Binary Students

As more young people come out as transgender and non-binary at younger ages, it is essential that K-12 schools be knowledgeable about and prepared to meet the needs of transgender and non-binary students and their families. By proactively working to create a transgender inclusive and affirming environment, schools can help decrease the stigma, isolation, and rejection – and the related negative outcomes – experienced by many transgender and non-binary youth at non-supportive schools.  Becoming a more affirming school helps support vulnerable students in the present and the benefits are long lasting.  To that end, this training will provide the faculty and staff with a strong foundation for better understanding the identities, experiences, and needs of students who are transgender and non-binary, and discuss some of the skills and actions necessary to build a more affirming school.


Client: Seeking Trans 101 training for large HR team 

Building Affirming Workplaces: Supporting our Transgender & Non-Binary Employees

In order to do our best work, we all need to feel safe, respected, and appreciated. For the 1.4 million+ adults in the United States who identify as transgender or non-binary, the workplace often comes with some additional challenges in feeling safe, respected, and appreciated. In order to provide a workplace where transgender and non-binary people can do their best work, it is crucial that employers and colleagues work together to create an environment where these individuals can thrive. This 2-hour online training is designed to help Human Resources professionals increase their baseline knowledge of transgender and non-binary identities, awareness of the common challenges that individuals face in the workplace, and be better prepared to implement related skills. Topics include tips and tricks for learning someone’s new name or pronoun, avoiding common microaggressions, and supporting employees through HR-related systems.

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