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Lumaya Mance

Part Time

Lumaya is a non-binary transfemme Filipinx vibing and thriving in ​​Lenapehoking (so called “Philadelphia”), learning to embody radical love from their community, neighbors, and comrades. After taking a break from full-time web development in agency and tech settings over the years, they were drawn to TTI and joined as a Moderator in the Summer of 2022 – driven by the belief that educating the people with information to understand and interpret the oppressive violence of this capitalist white supremacist patriarchal existence will better equip everyone to interrogate and dismantle oppression in its many manifestations and abstractions. Lumaya has worked within various mutual aid networks, delivering food, supplies, and medicine to folks in and outside the city, and are looking to expand their knowledge of organizing and deepen their role in liberatory struggle here and abroad. You can usually find them making music, skating around town, and in a constant state of dancing and karaoke.

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