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7 Questions For Allies to Consider When Facilitating Transgender & Non-Binary Trainings

Who am I to be doing this work? Is this appropriate work for an ally to be doing? How do I know if I am representing this community in the best possible way? How can I hold myself accountable to the communities I am advocating for?

by Dr Eli R. Green
This piece was originally published at on Oct 3, 2015.

These are important questions to for every ally (across all identities and demographics) to consider when deciding whether or not to facilitate a training about a topic outside of their own identity and experience. The best ally work is always work that is in progress. Regardless of our identities, we can always do a better job at being better allies/advocates. As facilitators we have a particular obligation to make sure that we are doing the very best that we can do, so that our trainings maximize the potential for positive social change.  In the context of transgender-related trainings, the end goal is to contribute toward a world that is safe and affirming for transgender and non-binary people.

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