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One of our core values here at The Transgender Training Institute is our belief that access to high quality professional development trainings should not be limited to those who have the financial privilege to pay out of pocket, or have jobs that provide that support.  To this end, at each of our Training of Trainers and Ally/Advocate Training Camp courses, we hold at least 2-3 spots for scholarship recipients and we provide more spots when we are able.

Priority is given to trainers who are: transgender, have loved ones who are transgender,people of color, from under represented/high need areas, and/or do not have sponsorship from an organization to attend.  We also consider how the participants will be able to apply what they learn in the course to benefit transgender people and their communities.

Unfortunately, we have highly qualified scholarship applicants who cannot afford to pay for the travel expenses associated with attending the courses.  More than a third of our scholarship recipients have had to turn down their scholarship due to travel costs.  Your donation helps deserving participants attend a training that can help further careers and increase their income potential.

TTI covers all transaction processing costs, so 100% of the funds donated to the TTI travel fund will be used to help support the travel costs of awardees who would not otherwise be able to attend the TOT.   

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