Technical Assistance

Support for Fellow Educators, Trainers & Facilitators

  • Are you a trainer who is struggling with implementing transgender content?
  • Are you a transgender person facilitating trainings and trying to navigate both aspects?
  • Are you a trainer who has been facing a particular challenge in your curricula that you are trying to work out?
  • Have you had a training that went awry and want to process what happened?
  • Are you looking to connect with other trainers to talk out new training ideas?

As trainers, we understand that when things get tricky or we get stuck, it can often be useful to discuss our work with others.  We provide sliding scale technical assistance for fellow trainers and educators who are facilitating transgender-related content (regardless of gender identity). We can also provide supportive and constructive feedback on recorded sessions. Assistance can be provided via email, skype/facetime, or phone.  Contact us for more information.

Trans Training Network (List-Serv)

The Trans Trainers Network is a list-serv specifically to support and foster community for those who are facilitating transgender and related trainings. This free group is open to trainers of all gender identities and is designed as a space to provide support, share resources, and connect with others doing similar work.  This list is primarily used to exchange ideas, teaching resources and solicit feedback from peers who are also facilitating trainings on transgender related topics. More information here.