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Maybe Burke

Core Team

Maybe Burke is an award winning artist and educator focused on expanding conversations around representation for marginalized communities. She has married her love for storytelling with her passion for advocacy, creating accessible tools that can help people learn how to be respectful and supportive of trans and non-binary people. Maybe has spoken on several panels and various platforms, from Buzzfeed to BroadwayCon. She has also created and facilitated several workshops around trans and queer identities in colleges, universities, community centers, and other settings. As the Artistic Associate of Honest Accomplice Theatre, Maybe founded The Trans Literacy Project, where she collaborates with trans artists, advocates, and activists to produce accessible videos which address questions about trans experiences. Maybe is also the co-author of the gender expansive sex ed book, I <3 Orgasms. Maybe joined the TTI team in 2018. You can learn more about Maybe at

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