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For many individuals, medical settings are a place where they go for support and care regarding their health. However, medical settings are often highly triggering and even sometimes traumatizing for transgender and non-binary people, especially during times of health crisis. Studies have shown that 50% of transgender and non-binary patients have to provide on the spot “Trans 101” education for their providers in order to receive appropriate medical care while 28% of transgender and non-binary individuals postpone care due to experiences of discrimination in medical settings, and 19% of transgender and non-binary patients have been refused medical care because they are transgender (Grant, et al, 2015). Want to make sure that your offices, providers, and staff are creating a safe, unbiased place where transgender and non-binary people can access affirming care? During this session, we will briefly review critical language, barriers to accessing care, and strategies to help support and affirm transgender patients. This webinar provides strategies focused on removing barriers throughout the care process–from making the appointment to follow-up care.

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