Dr. Li Lock

Dr. Li Lock (they/them/theirs), who also goes by Lindsay, is a formally trained sexuality educator and researcher specializing in gender development and identity, sexological worldview development, consensual non-monogamy, and sex and substance use. Dr. Lock focuses their educational and teaching work in the online realm, where they apply best practices of learning theory to online training by developing interactive learning and webinar based courses. Dr. Lock received their PhD in Human Sexuality Studies from Widener University in 2019, where their dissertation research explored psychosocial predictors of varying sexual behavior and subjective sexual effects people report while experiencing the effects of cannabis. Dr. Lock also holds a Master of Education from Widener University, a Master of Science in Human Development & Family Studies from the University of Rhode Island, and Bachelors of Science and Arts from the University of Georgia. Dr. Lock works both as a research assistant at the Interdisciplinary Sexuality Research Collaborative at Widener University, and as an Online Content Specialist at TTI as of 2019.