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We know that lives are currently complicated, and that it can be hard to commit to a course or hire someone for a training when so much is unknown and changing quickly. We want our participants to be able to access our teaching in ways and at times that are positive for their learning, so we are taking a flexible approach.

Here’s how we are currently handling things as of Nov 12, 2020:

Client Trainings:

  • Our team is ready to facilitate interactive and engaging virtual trainings for your audiences. We are offering both shorter sessions, as well as day long and multi-day trainings. We are also offering our such as our onsite Training-of-Trainers in a 4 day/6 hours a day virtual format, and Ally/Advocate Training Camps in a 3 day/5 hours a day virtual format. Our onsite courses are always customized for your group and the audiences/individuals you work with.
  • TTI is considering in-person training requests on a case-by-case basis, particularly for those potentially in mid 2021 or beyond. We will prepare both in-person and online versions of our trainings for any future in-person trainings booked.

For our courses:

  • We will not hold in-person Ally/Advocate Training Camp or Training-of-Trainers courses until it feels reasonably safe to do so. We know that many of our participants are at high risk or have loved ones who are, and while we are so looking forward to being back in person with folks, we want to do so when it can be more celebratory. As of November 12, 2020, we do not anticipate scheduling any in person courses prior to August 2021. We will revisit that and other 2021 dates as time passes.
  • No one will be required to take an online training if they don’t want to. If you sign up for an in-person session that moves online, you may postpone your in-person attendance to a future date for as long as is needed until you are able to attend.
  • We continue to offer payment plans for those who need to spread the costs out over time. Contact Kelsey to work out a payment plan. In some instances, we may be able to offer sliding scale registrations on a limited basis.
  • If you sign up for a course and your situation changes so that you cannot attend, we will happily switch you to a future course or issue a gift card good for any of our courses through the end of 2021.
  • For those requesting refunds, Eventbrite keeps their fee, so you will see that deducted from the total. If TOT course materials have already shipped, there will be an additional $100 cancellation fee applied to cover those costs. (This is just to make sure that we are covering our costs.)

Participant Experiences:

  • We design our online courses specifically so that we are using a variety of teaching methods, engagement strategies and supportive technology to help ensure that our online courses closely mirror our in-person sessions.
  • We understand that being online, especially with video on, can be tiring on people’s spirits and bodies. We have crafted our online courses with the goal of having consistent breaks for time to move away from the screen, and opportunities for cameras off.
  • We know that navigating new online technologies can be challenging, so we are offering pre-class tech practice sessions, where you will hop on a Zoom call with one of our team members and have a chance to practice all of the elements that we will be using in class. (We hope to also have a screencast option available soon.)
  • We know that having tangible anchors can be especially helpful for learning online in longer courses. For our online Training-of-Trainers, we are mailing our participants our course folders that we utilize throughout our course time together.

Financial Accessibility:

We are working to balance making our courses accessible to as many as we can, while still paying our team members fairly for their time, energy and lived experiences and keeping TTI’s bills paid. Here is our current approach:

  • All of our webinar are Pay What You Can. When you register for one of our webinars on Eventbrite, you will be asked to make a “donation” in an amount of your choosing. We know that choosing your own price can be nervous-making, so we have provided suggested donation ranges.
  • Our Ally/Advocate Training Camp remains sliding scale.
  • As of November 2020, we have re-opened our TOT scholarship program for the 2021 offerings. Due to smaller class sizes in the virtual format, we will be able to provide 1 scholarship seat per TOT.

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