Sean Lare, LCSW-C

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TTI Senior Training Team

Sean Lare is a licensed clinical social worker who is passionate about serving transgender and gender diverse communities. In addition to providing psychotherapy for individuals in the transgender communities, Mr. Lare also works as an educator and advocate in the Baltimore, Washington, DC and surrounding areas to help increase awareness about the unique needs of transgender, non-binary and gender diverse individuals.  His educational work has included providing introductory and specialized trainings on: engaging and retaining transgender talent in the workplace, supporting transgender and non-binary students in K-12 and college/university settings, and guidance for providing affirming services for transgender clients in clinical, behavioral health and medical settings. Mr. Lare has been a featured speaker at regional and local conferences, participated in numerous panel discussions and guest lecture presentations in undergraduate- and graduate-level classes, and is a sought-after contributor to community and policy planning efforts to increase services and rights for and to meet the diverse needs of transgender people. The focus of his psychotherapy practice in Columbia, MD is working with children, teens, and adults who are transgender or gender diverse and their families and providing supervision and consultation to other providers. More information can be found at

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Getting to know our team: Four questions:

Why do you do this work?

I have heard from so many individuals, partners, and parents in my psychotherapy practice, and from individuals in communities in my advocacy and training work who have shared countless stories of not having a doctor or therapist to go to, of being denied employment opportunities, of being denied what most would name “basic rights”, and I want that to change. Additionally, as the parent of a child, and uncle of a child, and the uncle of a non-binary, trans teen, I want to do my part to make the world a better place for them; and for all the people I think of when noting the above, to live as an example and to let people know that living life as a transgender person is a reality of possibilities.

Your favorite teaching story:

After a training I provided to a community medical center (a diverse group consisting of nurses, doctors, medical assistants, social workers, case managers, peer outreach workers, and records managers), a medical assistant approached me and said, “Thank you so much! I came into here today thinking I didn’t need to be here, thinking that I knew all I needed to know about these people…I mean our transgender patients, and that I didn’t have to change my views or my practices [name and pronoun use] or how I saw them, and you helped me see and taught me about respect and about the humanity in these patients and in everyone.”

Your hope for trans rights in 10 years?

That every person has equal access to and choice in the care for themselves and their families–legal, medical, mental health, surgical, etc.

Anything else you want to share about yourself?

I am the proud father of an awesome 6 year old, and a partner of 19 years to an amazing person; and I love spending time with them, especially if it is outdoors.