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About TTI


The Transgender Training Institute (TTI) is a proudly trans-run business working to contribute to a more just, equitable, and affirming world. We combine our topical expertise and lived experiences, formal training as educators, intersectional social justice values, and decades of facilitation experience to provide professional development and personal growth trainings that provide participants with information and skills needed to be better prepared to affirm the transgender and non-binary people in their lives.

Founded in 2015, TTI has worked with thousands of people across the United States through our client trainings, consulting services, webinars, and courses. We are an intentionally for-profit organization because one of our core values is distributing money to transgender and non-binary people (specifically our team of educators, moderators and admin support, as well as other community organizations). We reject the capitalist values that prioritize profit above all.  We continue to grow our company to reflect our social justice values that center our collective humanity, working hard to intentionally build a company that represents the depth and breadth of diversities within transgender and non-binary communities, and to join the many others doing the work to dismantle the oppression of all marginalized communities.

Our Values

As a company:

Our business model is guided by the following values:

Transparency Note:  TTI has grown much faster than we anticipated, which means that we are evolving in wonderful ways faster than we are able to update our website!   Our current energy is going into building intentional systems of equity, and we have a plan for updating our website and other materials to reflect our current values & practices.  We are excited to show you what we are up to, and appreciate your patience in the interim!  ~ The TTI Team


As a proudly trans-owned business, TTI uplifts and amplifies voices of transgender and non-binary people. With the exception of our guest Ally Trainers, TTI everyone who works at TTI identifies as a part of the transgender and non-binary communities. As we grow, we are working to intentionally build a team that represents the depth and breadth of diversities within transgender and non-binary communities.


We believe that the redistribution of financial resources to transgender and non-binary people, particularly those who are also Black, Indigenous, or People of Color, is an essential component of true social change. We operate using an economic justice and sustainability model that centers on redistributing money to transgender and non-binary people and being transparent about how we do so:

  • 55% of our training fees & ticket sales go directly to our trainers
  • 30% goes to pay team members for the work of running TTI
  • 15% covers our operating expenses
  • All non-training work is paid at $30 per hour.


We understand that trans-related education is often most needed where budgets are limited. We strive to find the balance of working within budgets, while fairly compensating our training team for their labor and lived experiences. To keep our offerings financially accessible, our webinars are ‘pay what you can’, our courses are sliding scale, and we provide scholarships for our Training-of-Trainers intensives.


We stand with organizations that support transgender and non-binary individuals and communities, as well as other organizations and collectives that seek to end oppression and provide related support services to individuals and communities.  A portion of our profits are redistributed to trans-led/serving organizations and other anti-oppression causes chosen by the TTI team members.  For financial transparency, we list our donations below.  (Note: in 2022 we are working towards a new structure that allows us to redistribute a greater amount of resources as a part of our core values. Our donations are on pause while we get this new structure in place.)




As educators:

Our facilitation is guided by the following values:


We believe that trainings should be opportunities for learning – both personally and professionally – and that this is most likely to happen when our participants are met where they are, feel respected, and are empowered to grow.


We believe that in order to enact true social change it is necessary to disrupt and dismantle the multiple oppressions that impact transgender and non-binary individuals and communities (and beyond). We believe that an intersectional lens is critical to our collective liberations as marginalized peoples and communities, and that our oppressions are inextricably linked.


We believe that as educators we need to continue to grow and learn to do our best work. In particular, we hold a shared commitment to personal and professional growth around dismantling the oppression of all marginalized peoples, so that we are always improving skills to call attention to and uplift other marginalized communities.


TTI is certified as a LGBT-owned business through the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Green is an AASECT Certified Sexuality Education Supervisor.

TTI is in an AASECT approved CE provider. (Provider Number: # 20-122-TTI, valid through 12.31.22)

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