Onsite TOTs

Transgender Specific TOT – Onsite at your location/organization

Are you onboarding a new transgender training initiative, or have a group of trainers in need of customized technical assistance to help improve their facilitation skills?  For those seeking a TOT onsite, TTI can come to you – we are always  happy to host our Training of Trainers at your location!  Our onsite TOTs are specifically designed for your group and setting; we create something just for you and we come to your site for implementation.  We can train your trainers on a new curriculum, help identify areas of growth within current curricula, and help re-energize your training staff.  Onsite TOTs work best when you have a group of 8-16 educators who have at least a Transgender 101 level of knowledge and are all seeking to expand their skills and expertise with training on transgender topics.  Contact us for more information about onsite TOTs.