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TTI provides professional development and personal growth trainings that engage, inspire and empower our participants.

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Eli R. Green, The Transgender Training Institute (TTI) provides training and consulting services that are informed/provided by transgender and non-binary people, for the benefit of transgender and non-binary communities. We work across the United States, providing services including: expert facilitation of transgender-related professional development trainings, training of trainers/facilitators (TOTs), ally skill building seminars and keynote speaking.

We combine our topical expertise, formal training as educators, and decades of facilitation experience to provide your participants with powerful professional development and personal growth trainings that inspire change. We also provide support with curriculum design and review, program evaluation, climate assessments, capacity building, and technical assistance to support long term and ongoing training initiatives.

TTI is certified as a LGBT-owned business through the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

The Transgender Training Institute (TTI) is guided by the following organizational values:

1. TTI is a proudly trans-owned and run business. As a central tenet of our organizational vision, TTI prioritizes the voices of transgender and non-binary individuals as trainers, facilitators and educators. All of our educational efforts are supervised and guided by members of the transgender communities. We believe that education is an essential component in creating social change for transgender and non-binary people, and that transgender and non-binary individuals and communities should be the primary beneficiaries of this work.

2. TTI believes that educating is a specialized skill that requires training and content matter expertise and deserves to be compensated accordingly. We also believe that the redistribution of financial resources to transgender and non-binary people, particularly those who are also black, indigenous or people of color, is an essential component of true social change. At the same time, we also understand that trans-related education is often most needed in places where budgets are limited. We strive to find the balance of working within organizational budgets, while fairly compensating our training team for their labor and lived experiences.  All of our training team members are freelancers who are paid 70% of the net income for any given training, course or webinar.  The remaining 30% goes to support TTI’s day-to-day operations that generate more income for team members.  Dr. Green is the sole owner of the company, but does not draw a profit from TTI, all our funds are reinvested into the company/team.  We plan to create a profit-sharing agreement with team members as the growth of our business allows.

3. TTI believes that in order to enact true social change through education, that an Intersectional approach is necessary to disrupt and dismantle the multiple oppressions (racism, classism, ableism, sexism, heteronormativity, colonialism, and more) that impact transgender and non-binary individuals and communities (and beyond). We believe that this is critical to our collective liberations as marginalized peoples and communities. Accordingly, we are committed to and actively engage in our own ongoing professional development and continually work to improve and expand our own personal and professional growth across identities and social groups. All white members of our team take Training for Change’s Whites Confronting Racism course (or or something similar), and equal amounts of unrestricted funds are provided to our BIPOC members to use as they desire. We strive to incorporate what we learn into our training work, and we see this as always being work in progress.

4. TTI believes that loved ones of transgender people and cisgender allies are essential agents of change and that loved ones and cisgender allies are a part of the extended transgender communities. We believe both have an important role in social change for transgender and non-binary individuals and communities.

5. TTI  believes that access to high quality personal growth and professional development trainings should not be limited to those who have the financial privilege to pay out of pocket, or have jobs that provide that support.  Accordingly, for all courses hosted by TTI, we set aside 10-30% of our seats for individuals who need sliding scale and scholarships to be able to attend and we offer more when we are able to do while still covering all of our expenses and fairly compensating our trainers. Priority is given to participants who are: transgender, partners or loved ones of people who are transgender, people of color, from under represented/high need areas, currently working with transgender and non-binary individuals, and/or do not have sponsorship from an organization to attend.  We also offer “Pay What You Can” webinars to keep our offerings financially accessible, while still paying our team fairly.

6. TTI believes that trainings should be opportunities for learning – both personally and professionally – and that this is most likely to happen when our participants are met where they are, feel respected and encouraged to grow. We work to create engaging trainings where participants feel gently challenged and supported to learn new information.

7. TTI believes in supporting our local communities, and in particular businesses that are locally owned and run– particularly those that are run by or proactively support transgender and non-binary communities. Whenever possible/feasible, we strive to support these businesses by buying food, products and services from them.

8.  TTI believes that as inhabitants of this earth, that it is our collective responsibility to identify ways that we can reduce our impact on the environment.  We are consistently seeking ways to reduce our use of single use plastics, non-recycled paper, carbon emissions, and the like.  TTI calculates approximate carbon emissions for the year, and donates the related funds to carbon capture programs, particularly those who are BIPOC run/supporting.  (Note:  Due to COVID, we have temporarily paused our carbon credits to prioritize being about to pay our team members.)

9. TTI believes in supporting organizations that support transgender and non-binary individuals and communities, as well as other causes that seek to end oppression.  A portion of TTI’s profits for each TOT, are redistributed to trans-led/serving organizations and other anti-oppression causes chosen by the TTI team members.  For transparency and accountability, we provide that amount that we have donated and to whom.  (Please note that due to COVID our 2020 donations have been limited due to much of our work being cancelled and prioritizing paying our team members, but we remain committed to this value.) 

For 2020, we have redistributed:

Dr. Eli Green, Dr. Eli R.
2018 JC Dr. Jaymie
Sean Lare - LCSW-C Sean

Our Core Training Team

FB_IMG_1546707420371 Deja Lynn
LesTalusan_UrbanRetreat2018_180921_176 Sage
MaybeBurkeHeadshot1 Maybe
DanPortraits-27 Daniel
Dane Ray Dane

Our Ally Training Team

TJ Headshot Tara
IMG_0067 Isobel

Our Support Team

Kelsey Van Nice Kelsey
Van Nice
LLock_headshot Dr. Li
About-Katherine-Glick Kat
Dre Ceja
Dre Ceja
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